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By: Hilary Walke


There is one bracelet we keep spotting on the tanned wrists of our favorite globetrotters: it is a small piece of macramé thread hand made by Greek designer Tatiana Choremi. We recently checked in with Tatiana and asked her to share the secret behind her All Seeing Eye bracelets. Trust us, this is one addition to the arm party, you will not want to be without this spring. Read more below!


How does travel inspire your collection?

I am inspired by all organic forms of being -- the invisible seed or the shape of a mountain. For me, traveling is as important as dreaming.


What is the story and/or mission behind your collection?

Jewelry is like precious dreams materialized. Each piece has a mind and life of its own. I create unique compositions, which grow organically in my hands and reveal new forms of being. My love for painting and sculpture has found an ideal expression in the creation of jewelry. My jewelry pieces begin their life when they leave my hands and touch someone else’s body. My desire is to share these newly-born organic forms, these precious dreams, with you.


Describe Tatiana Choremi in 3 words. 

Free, Move, Passion. Free: I follow no rules. I believe in my own ideas. Move: I have no roots; only wings with which I keep on moving. Passion: Passion in everything I do. It's a way of being deeply involved.


Your collection of products keeps growing, what creative endeavors are on the horizon?

For now, they are drawings in my book , when the time comes they will be revealed ;-)


Who is your Muse? Describe the Tatiana Choremi woman.

My muse is my daughter Eos. She is full of colors and joy of life. As a woman, I adore men. But I prefer not to be dependent on them.


Tell us about your favorite piece (or one of them) and where you were inspired to create it.

The Nest is my favourite piece, and it was inspired by the spider's web. I create my own web / nest around a stone with all different colors of threads, in order to protect it.