© 2014 Tatiana Choremi

Jewellery is like precious dreams materialized. Each piece has a mind and life of its own. I create unique compositions, which grow organically in my hands and reveal new forms of being.
My love for painting and sculpture has found an ideal expression in the creation of jewelry. I work with a most ancient and colorful material: thread has unlimited possibilities, and it represents my preference for inexpensive materials. I believe that true value does not lie in the price of the material, but in the time and love devoted to the pieces I make. Besides, thread gives me the freedom to create large and rich pieces, which are lightweight. Wearing jewelry is about experiencing a sensation of lightheartedness.
My jewelry pieces begin their life when they leave my hands and touch someone else’s body. My desire is to share these newly-born organic forms, these precious dreams with you.

 Bohemian Jewellery Designer ,Tatiana Choremi