© 2014 Tatiana Choremi

A design,a simple idea,can arise exactly at that precious instant, when you  are aware of the present moment;when you listen quietly to your higher inner shelf,

that has something to say.

These are some of my original designs that I brought to life,because they had a purpose.

They have a story to tell.

Story Telling Bracelets

Tatiana Choremi

           All Seeing Eye



The All Seeing Eye is what gives you a vision,

a dream,a clairvoyance.

It is a lot more than just a good luck charm.

It is a reminder that we are all one people.

After all,beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


The spiral
is life's endless circle.
A long journey,
from the center of the earth,
until the farthest galaxy and beyond.
It is a reminder of eternity
and the perpetual evolution of man and nature.
After all,there is no end and no beginning,
only the light that flows within.
A Leaf,the ephemeral part of the tree
that escapes from its roots.
And flies away as far as possible.
I chose a leaf for you,as a symbol of freedom.
And as a reminder of a fragile and ephemeral soul
that flies over the fields,over the sea,over a dream.
Lady of Grace,Lady of All Women.
Powerful,elegant Nefertiti.
"Sweet of love".
The beautiful one has come.



I dove into crystal waters
And from the seabed chose
A gift for you.
A gem,to remind me always
How fragile and rare
Is the beauty of your soul.
I must treat it with reverent care
To protect it from ever breaking.
Selini,name given to the only natural satellite of Earth.
Selini,the second brightest object in the  sky after the Sun,
An object of wonder and speculation for humans since the beginning of time.
             I had a dream 
A flower was growing in my gardens
           As I looked closely
A diamond was hidden inside it
I've learned never to touch ephemeral                     flowers
The wind might take them away
      I chose this charm for you
As a remider of the diamond hidden                     inside you.
       This is neither what I see,
           Nor what they see
     This is what you decide to be
The Arrow is what gives you
a clear direction,a mission,a goal.
I chose an arrow for you as a symbol
of concentration and as a reminder and a guide
to stay in our path towards our inner selves.

closed eyes 

Why do we close our eyes 
When pray, cry , kiss or dream ?
Because the most beautiful things in life
are not seen, but felt by the heart


When dreaming
there are no rules
people can fly
anything can happen
There are moments
as you awake
and you become aware of
the real world around you
but you are still dreaming
This is when you 
control your dream
Therefore you can rapidly
transform your life
Now you are awakening
out of the dream of time
into the present
This will miraculously
transform your whole life
Life is now
make the now
the primary focus of your life
because what you do now
is what matters most
After all,if not now,


This heart stronger than emotions
Belongs to the nymphs
Who let their hearts love unconditionally
When they rose up from the depths of the Earth
Only to see you
Only to lose themselves 
As deep as possible
At the very first place
At the very first time they met you
When moon was melting
And stars were glowing only to show their path
That drowned them in the deepest sea of love 
Melissa has been a symbol
of the Divine feminine since earliest times.
I chose the gift of the Bees for you
as a symbol of fertility and as a reminder
of the Mother Goddess - Warrior
representing the female spirit.
     The farthest star in the sky
           twinkles for you
  and as its light touches yor ethereal                        body,
            you belong to it
           it belongs to you,
     so hold it with reverent care.
      Make a wish for eternity,
  Let your deepest dream become                           reality.